ISBN 978-607-8265-86-2

Our Forbidden Marriage in the Lord’s service
The life of evangelist Juan M. Isáis and his wife Liz

Autor:Fletcher Richmond, Elisabeth Ester
Editorial:Grupo Milamex
Materia:Biografía Líderes. pensadores. trabajadores religiosos
Público objetivo:General
Número de edición:1
Formato:Amazon Kindle (.azw)


Who was Juan M. Isáis? Why was his marriage forbidden? Why were he and his family interesting? Someone from an important church once wrote about him: “A writer, speaker, missionary, preacher, evangelist. The present’s growth in Mexico’s churches can only be possible because of God’s power manifested in this well known servant”.

His wife Liz, an experimented journalist, writes about the family with honesty and love. She tells us the truth about her husband: the hard times, his success, the constant trips, his different ministries, his passionate pursuit for God’s kingdom even while being in pain with cancer, his faithfulness to the principles of Evangelism in Depth, the thousands of new believers in Christ all around the world, and their four children who became passionate servants of God.

Reading this interesting book will be a profitable adventure. An intimate view of an extraordinary family. It will inspire you to follow their example!


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